“What of you? Do you think us dangerous? Is that what you will tell your captain?” Federov challenged.

“I don’t need to,” Felicity replied with a dry laugh, unwilling to show her fear, “A blind fool can see that you are dangerous. The only question is, to whom?”

I’m Lieutenant Senior Class Sergey Fedorov.

Tasked with a very delicate retrieval mission by Plutonian Command, accompanied by 60 of the most vicious commando troops our military has to offer and a reverent priest eager to join for no apparent reason, I find myself stranded in the void.

Saved by a curious ship of shady origin, we now depend on our hosts to ferry us to our destination.
For their cooperation, we are authorized to offer our protection.

Given the enormous bullseye on their back, they sorely need it.

Well, at least their doctor is cute.

Say, Witch Way to the Void?


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