“Nothing spells motherly love like a dozen grade-A fusion warheads,” Rupert leaned back with an insolent grin.

Glen turned to Nikolai, “We do appreciate Pluto outfitting us with all that. But let’s be candid. This is not about the Gateshot’s mission any longer, is it? The high marshal plans to run an attack on the gate and make us the scapegoat?!”

As the Gateshot’s crew finds itself settled with a significant Plutonian military presence, characters and responsibilities clash, formerly untrialed crimes need to be rectified, bridges built, a new order established …and all of it preferably without casualties. 

With the Velorians pulling in their troops to secure the Space Gate, time is ticking on Suzy’s hunt for the precious knowledge of how to open it, and the window of opportunity to use it threatening to slam shut.

Settled with a split crew, dangerous new allies, and unreliable magic at their fingertips, the Gateshot has to hazard the one-in-a-million shot of breaking through to another part of the universe.


Get ready for this big showdown concluding the first third of the Witch Way Chronicles!


Witch Way Chronicles #05 – Witch Way to the Gate will be available in


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