“Even if you got there undetected, how would you open the gate without a Velorian mage?”

“You’re missing the point!” Glen shook his head, “By opening that bloody Space Gate ten years ago, the aliens flooded our system with magic. We have all the Human mages we need right here.

I’m Glen MacAllister, 96, war hero. Professional thorn in people’s sides.

My bonny daughters got lured into Velorian space, like so many credulous lasses, never to be heard of again.

While most Human governments turn a blind eye in favor of their purses, I finally found someone eager to help.

AI Marshall, infamous governor of Mars, is assembling a crew to man a priceless prototype spaceship rivaling the advanced alien tech.

But the enemy is onto us, and I’m forced to rely on a woman I hate to fight free the last of My crew and get them safely off Mars.

Among them our ‘mage’.

Someone, who’s not who and what she pretends to be…

Say, Witch Way to Space?


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