“There are secrets we carry for others, which take precedent over our own agenda,” Eve tapped the opposite side of the book, “This is a secret I’m willing to kill for. Do you understand?”

Call me Eve Baileywick. I’m supposed to be the Gateshot’s XO, but her captain proves unreasonably stubborn, contradicting me at every turn.

Determined to ferret out the special knowledge I hold of this priceless prototype, he will give me the position only if I abandon my principles and reveal her secrets prematurely.

Blinded by his baseless suspicions, he indulges the blind spot he holds for those who served with him before and who hate me for their own reasons.

On our way to questionable safety, we’re still pursued, as the hefty bounty on our mage’s head makes us all juicy targets.

And just as the tensions aboard come to a head, tragedy strikes, driving our mage into uncharted emotional turmoil, ready to explode…

Say, Witch Way to Jupiter, please?


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